How To Prevent Knee Injuries


Among the body parts that are most vulnerable in humans are the knees. They are this vulnerable because they are frequently used as we constantly engage them on a daily basis while we are walking or exercising. Research has shown that almost nineteen of the world’s population have knee related problems. While most of the cases have been reported by women, the occurrence of knee pain and injuries increase with age in both genders.

Tips to help you avoid knee injuries

Be cautious when using stairspainmanagementrightsdfghjk

If you are used to climbing and down some stairs, then be sure that you subject your kneecaps to a huge amount of strain. You should avoid using the staircase not unless you are in the best shape. It is advisable that you walk down and up slowly and gently the stairs while you hold on to the rails for support. Rather you can use a lift if you are not in good condition.

Buy knee support braces

If you are the type of person who engages in exercises and you want to protect your knees, then you should invest in knee support braces. These braces are essential as they surround and support your kneecaps. They make sure that they apply pressure to the right places around the knee. These not only protects the knee but also prevents the occurrence of any injuries to your knees. When purchasing braces, you should choose something that is made of washable fabric and breathable also to ensure maximum productivity.

Maintain healthy weight

When one gains or puts on a lot of weight, it is not only unhealthy generally, but it is not good for your heart and other major organs. But this condition also puts unnecessary pressure on your knees. Adding the slightest weight can put pressure on your knees, and this can cause injuries to your knees even when engaging in routine activities like climbing stairs of walking. The only way to prevent this is by losing weight.

Be careful where you walk

If in any case you have an injury on your knee, or you are suffering from a condition like osteoarthritis, it is always advisable that you avoid walking on uneven ground like on grass or cobblestones. This will prevent you from aggravating the situation further. Instead, choose a smooth pathway as this will ensure that you don’t trip and injure yourself.

Wear the right shoes

Last but not least you need to cushion your knees from any impact that can be caused by them slamming down when you are walking. You can only prevent this by investing in a quality pair of shoes that offer adequate support.

Take precaution when squatting and lunging

painmanagementleftsdfgWhen you are exercising, be careful not to bend your knees more than the usual 90 degrees. You will only achieve this by ensuring that your knees are always directly over your foot when you are doing lunges.

By so doing you will ensure protect your knees from any injuries.…